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What was the name of the first official club for the German Shepherd dog and where and when was it founded?
The Phylax Society. Founded in Germany in 1891.

Who is Recognized as the father of the modern day German Shepherd?
Max von Stephanitz. A retired German cavalry captain.

What was the name von Stephanitz gave to his club which is still recognized today?
The Verin fur Deutsche Shaferhunde or SV.

How does the term Schutzhund translate into English?
Protection Dog.

When was the first Schutzhund competition held?

What was the name of the first dog registered by the SV?
Hektor Linksrhein, who was later renamed Horand v Grafeth.

How old must a dog be before it can attain its Schutzhund 1 degree?
18 months.

Where and when was the first official Schutzhund competition held in the USA?
California, 1970.

Why is the Schutzhund trial sometimes referred to as the Triathlon of dog sport?
Like the modern day Olympics, the Schutzhund routine is comprised of three parts.

Can you name the three parts?
Tracking, obedience, and protection.

Two of the three require a minimum score of 70% to pass. Which of the three requires a minimum score of 80%?

When the German Shepherd is in full canter, how many feet are touching the ground and what is the term used to describe it?
None. The dog is in a "flying trot," and its body is fully suspended.

Hope you had fun testing your skills and knowledge of the German Shepherd dog and some of the history associated with it. I've always considered myself as a "care-taker" of the breed, never an owner or master. The German Shepherd dog will be here long after I'm gone, but still they have given me endless hours of joy, inspiration and hope.

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